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Fox Host Reduces Trump-Hating Feminist To Stutters! TOTAL ANNIHILATION! [VIDEO]


YAWN! Are you pretty tired of hearing that Donald Trump only won because of “white supremacy”? Tucker Carlson is too. So when Jennifer Rubin tried to play that card, he laid into her….

Carlson fired away:

“No, you’re claiming that they’re immoral, you’re saying they’re racist… Why would you write something like that – in a newspaper – without having any fact to back it up unless you somehow have access to the inner thoughts of Trump voters, why would you imagine you know their motives?”

Seriously, Rubin appears to be smart enough. Has she not been viewing the show? Maybe she should have done her homework because the usual talking points Trump haters try to make simply don’t work here.

Which leads you to believe that she doesn’t have an intellectual problem, but merely a “blind spot” as is a very common trait in many elites.

They’ve been encircled by so many agreeing voices, that they haven’t been forced to sharpen their intellectual sword.

A few, like Jen Rubin, genuinely believe that there is an overwhelming number of people who think the same way she does. This was her major flaw when appearing as a guest on Fox, she wrongly assumed that she needn’t do her due diligence when it comes to convincing.

Talking about running into a brick wall! Who else thinks she’d do well to learn from Professor Jordan Peterson below?


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