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Fox Give up on Hispanics? [VIDEO]


Fox News dominates cable television, it’s a ratings and a money machine. There’s one problem at Fox that has flown under the radar and was recently addressed without really making any waves.

Fox News Latino, the Hispanic website is history. No big announcement, the world found out about it from a tweet from one of the site’s correspondents.


The channel was targeted to Hispanics and was published in English. It was the brainchild of Roger Ailes. The content is going to be folded into Fox’ regular news reporting.

Univision is the big dog on the street when it comes to targeting Hispanics for news. They broadcast in Spanish. Given that a very large segment of the Hispanic population in the US speaks Spanish, that’s not a surprise. The current crop of “immigrants” don’t seem to be much interested in becoming Americans, they’re working hard, with the help of the Democratic Party, to turn the US into a third world sewer just like the places they came here from illegally.

It’s too bad that Fox couldn’t make Fox News Latino work, but it says more about the Hispanic community than it does about Fox. Hopefully, by integrating the group into Fox they’ll be able to reach a wider audience and give Hispanic viewers who are hungry for a fair and balanced reporting a place to get their news.

Univision is clearly a wing of the Democratic Party, they made no bones about supporting Hillary Clinton and did everything they could to elect her. Thankfully, they failed.

They failed badly. Donald Trump was up 8% over Mitt Romney with Hispanics. Remember, Romney is an Establishment Republican who would stand on the border with John McCain and hold the door open for illegal aliens. Trump is the guy who wants to deport all of them.

Trump was also up with black voters, and if he can beat down the Democrats and Establish Republicans over the next two years, black voters may be moving to Trump and the Republican party in huge numbers.

Pass the popcorn.


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