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First Day of Wisconsin recount Nets Hillary ONE VOTE! [VIDEO]


That’s right, the Wisconsin recount that even Democrats agree is foolish got Hillary Clinton one vote closer to winning Wisconsin after the first day.

At that rate Clinton will be able to claim Wisconsin in about 75 years, assuming vote counters work weekends and holidays.

Hope springs eternal in the minds of the foolish. For example…


The good news is that taxpayers aren’t paying for this windmill joust, Jill Stein raise $7 million to pay for the effort. And as a Twitter user noted…


I think that pretty well sums it up.

I think it’s funny that Stein managed to raise less than $1 million to support her campaign and so far has squeezed $7 million out of the fools on the far left. The good folks in Wisconsin gave her an initial estimate of $1.1 million to do the recount but by the time she got around to requesting it the estimate had jumped to $3.8 million and she had to put all of it up before they started the recount.

I support Jill Stein’s efforts. I’m hoping she’ll demand recounts in all 50 states. Especially in California where it’s suspected that as many as 3 million illegal aliens voted. Those votes in California need to be recounted and Jill Stein and the progressive movement need to pay for it.

Rumor has it that George Soros may be funding a lot of this effort and I personally would love to see Soros or individual progressives fork over $250 or $300 million to pay for a national recount.

By the way, after four days Donald Trump has widened his margin, he’s more than made up the for the one vote that Hillary picked up on day one and the other vote that she picked up on day two. By day four Trump has now picked up almost 50 votes and widened the margin in Wisconsin. Just imagine what a recount – paid for by the Green party and George Soros – could turn up in California. Could Trump win California? Well, maybe. If the progressives and Soros will put up enough money so that we can have a recount.

I would urge you to go to the Green party website (sorry, you’ll have to find it on your own, I don’t link to trash) and demand that they expand their recount effort. It’s the American thing to do.


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