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FEDS BUST ISLAMIC MEN Keeping Slaves In Halal Slaughterhouse



This whopper of a story highlights a MAJOR problem in America.
Illegal alien’s AND Muslims claim discrimination on EVERYTHING. Look at this, for example, a pair of Muslim business owners previously filed a discrimination lawsuit against New Jersey because their business was shut down for a very good reason….

Because they are Muslim, a federal judge decided that the owners of a halal meat processing facility could move ahead with their lawsuit against the city and county officials. Why you might wonder? Because they closed the plant of course. Despite what this idiotic judge thinks, they did not close the plant due to the men’s religion, they closed it for something FAR worse.

The men complained that inspectors violated their constitutional rights and enforced regulations in a discriminatory fashion due to their religion.

However, it’s come to light that the business was outed for employing illegal Muslims.

ABFDEA Butcher

ABFDEA Butcher

Two New Jersey businessmen were arrested Wednesday after an indictment was filed in federal court charging them with forcing employees to work at a Halal chicken slaughterhouse in Middlesex County.

Mohammad Abdul Wahid, 54, of Queens, New York, and Mohammed Iqbal Kabir, 42, of Bronx, New York, are charged by complaint with one count each of conspiracy to commit human trafficking related offenses, conspiracy to harbor undocumented persons for financial gain; and violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

From July 2011 through January 2016, Wahid owned and operated a Halal chicken slaughterhouse business in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The business operated pursuant to Halal practices, which meant that the live poultry was slaughtered by Muslim individuals. The poultry would then be cleaned and prepared for sale by other employees.

During the time that the facility was operational, Wahid and Kabir allegedly employed undocumented persons. The employees were paid approximately $290 a week in cash and would typically work 70 to 100 hours a week, working six or seven days a week. The employees were not paid more if they worked more hours, nor were they given overtime pay.

The employees lived in a boarding house in front of the business, for which Wahid allegedly deducted $40 a week from the employees’ pay checks. The boarding house did not have heat or hot water and was infested with insects.


The defendants even made two Muslims slaughter chickens and then forced them to continue working at the slaughterhouse.

When these two victims couldn’t take anymore they complained about the long hours they worked and the conditions of the facility (no gloves, masks or proper soap), the defendants allegedly threatened to call the police. Since the victims were afraid of being arrested and deported they carried out their work until health inspectors closed the business.

Human trafficking comes with hefty charges including: a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Not to mention, the fact that they were harboring undocumented people for financial gain, so they can tack on another 10 years in prison for that.

This raises a thousand questions…

Did town officials know about the illegal Muslims, and not do anything until the discrimination suit was filed?

Will these men even get in trouble for this? Or, are they exempt because they wear a turban on their head?


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