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Why Should Donald Trump Pardon Crooked Hillary?


When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail there were strong shouts of “lock her up” in reference to Crooked Hillary Clinton. Even in one of the last debates, Donald Trump said to Hillary Clinton:

Do you really think that if Obama doesn’t pardon Hillary Clinton on his way out of office, that Donald Trump will? Come on Man!

A pardon is a sign of guilt. Why would Hillary accept a pardon if she were innocent?

If Donald Trump pardons her, would that say to all Americans, Crooked Hillary Clinton WAS guilty, but it’s time to unite our country and move on from all the Clinton scandals and BS?


H/T The Weekly Standard:

The latest Fox News Poll shows 68 percent of Americans say President Obama should not pardon Hillary Clinton on his way out of the White House, and I agree. Donald Trump should do it.

One his very first day, with his very first pen, President Trump should sign his very first presidential proclamation: “We must put the politics of the past aside and unify our country. Therefore, for the many, many crimes and misdeeds she committed while Secretary of State, I hereby pardon Hillary Rodham Clinton.” The left will never forgive him.

It’s counterintuitive, I know. According to the poll, a paltry eight percent of Republicans want Hillary pardoned—but they’re just short-sighted. I would

I’m sure like most every Republican politician we’ve all uttered something along the lines of “if the person accused of these crimes were anyone but Hillary Clinton, she would have been convicted already.”

But ask the 87 percent who oppose putting Hillary in the same company as Marc “Most Wanted” Rich and Richard Nixon: Who are the only people who need a pardon?

Answer: Guilty people.

According to the Washington Examiner, some Democrats have this figured out:

Even Clinton supporters overwhelmingly do not want Obama to let Clinton off for alleged wrongdoings. Nearly half of her backers said he should not give her a way out, possibly because she is viewed as innocent. Forty percent said he should help her.

If Trump pardons Hillary Clinton, he’ll be doing two smart things: First, he’ll be putting an end to an investigation that, thanks to BleachBit and the Clinton code of omertà, is almost certain to go nowhere. The Clintons have millions of dollars to take care of Huma Abedin, the IT guys and anyone else who has definitive proof of criminal activity.

And as much as the talk-radio base may not want to admit it, most Americans are in “move on” mode. They’re hopeful about the future (the same Fox News poll finds 56 percent of Americans believe the economy will improve under Trump), and they’ve had enough of the seemingly endless Clinton investigations.

The second benefit of a Clinton pardon is that it gives the grassroots GOP base what it truly wants: A final, incontrovertible verdict of “guilty” for Hillary. Today’s pardon will be history’s acknowledgement that she’s the O.J. Simpson of politics: She’s guilty and got away with it.

The Clintons will absolutely hate a Trump pardon, but what’s Hillary going to do—reject it? Fine. Then President Trump can tweet: “Whatever you say, Mrs. Clinton—I’ll send the special prosecutor right over.” Rejecting a pardon means inviting an investigation. If that’s what the Democrats want, they can’t complain when Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy spend the next 12 months grilling former Hillary staffers on C-SPAN 3.

A pardon would be a permanent—and well-deserved—stain on the Clinton legacy: “Impeached But Not Convicted” will be married to “Guilty But Pardoned.”

They will, that is, unless President Trump instead issues an unconditional pardon to Clinton, and puts the issues to rest. For the good of the country, he should do just that.

If President Trump pardons Clinton and she accepts the pardon, she will be also admitting that she is guilty of at least one federal crime.

Republicans can focus instead on Obamacare’s death spiral, the growing federal deficit, the crushing weight of taxation, constricting regulation, the assault on civil liberties, and every other bad idea in the Democratic platform. They can focus on where the party is going, instead of where it’s been.

Obama’s administration campaigned on “being the most transparent administration”, yet it when it came to doing their jobs, his administration was filled with corruption, crime and FAR FROM being the “most transparent”. From Obamacare to Benghazi, to sanctuary cities and ISIS – Americans grew to distrust Obama and his administration’s policies.

This past November, Americans voted for change. They voted for Donald Trump for president. They voted for an “outsider” to come in and #DrainTheSwamp. Americans voted to return our nation to a stronger economy and increased jobs, a stronger military, stronger control of the borders, a return to the Constitution, and a president who would just “tell it like it is”.

Personally, I’m excited to see the moves President-elect Donald Trump is making which includes Sen. Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General. I think we will begin to see integrity restored in our nation’s Justice Department. It is up to the Justice Department to go after Hillary Clinton, not soon to be President Donald Trump.


What do you think? Should President Donald Trump pardon Hillary Clinton if President Obama doesn’t? Let us know in the comments.


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