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Didn’t Think They Knew about Sex at Harvard? [VIDEO]


It’s not safe to be a man at college. Even Harvard. Apparently the men’s cross country team has a history, at least dating back to 2012, of looking at members of the women’s cross country team. For that egregious offense the members of the men’s cross country team have been put on probation and their 2016-17 season has been cancelled.

It seems that in 2012 the men’s cross country team put together a spreadsheet where they rated members of the women’s cross country team to guess which members of the team they would ask to a season ending dance. Horror of horrors! Someone put “crude and sexualized statements” about some members of the women’s team.


The lawyers got a hold of the spreadsheet and you know what hit the fan. An “investigation” was launched by the Harvard equivalent of Torquemada and low and behold the men on the 2014 team did the same thing. Yes, that was then and this is now.

The men’s team soccer season was cancelled for its “misogynistic scouting report.” That would be the current season. All of its players, the current players, not the ones from 2012 or 2014, have been put on probation.

One of the major culprits causing the current team problems is the Obama administration’s definition of Title IX which – in the Obama Department of Education’s opinion – oversees all things to do with sex at colleges and universities. Here’s some background on Title IX.

The Harvard men’s team will be under a microscope by feminists at Harvard. They will of course, be forced to go through some training seminars with Title IX coordinators who, I’m sure, will make sure that these miscreants never use derogatory language again. It’s unknown at this time whether the probation will be noted on their academic record.

The only good thing about this is that Harvard University is not a public university and they’ll have to use their own money to harass the men’s cross country team. I can’t wait to find out which men’s team will be next.


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