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Democrats Really Lost When Obama Was in Office [VIDEO]


Barack Obama likes to point out the fact that his personal approval rating remains at the highest levels it’s been since the spring of 2009. Democrats in general are grasping at that straw because of the pounding they just took on November 8.

Obama and the Democrats can point to that approval level, but they can’t point to anything else. Eight years of Barack Obama have brought the Democratic Party to a state of virtual ruin. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s happened to Democrats during the Obama years.


That only tells part of the story.

When Obama took office in 2009 Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. They controlled both chambers in 27 state legislatures while Republicans controlled both chambers and only 14 states.

In addition to picking up 10 governorships, Republicans have also picked up nearly 1,000 legislative seats across the country. When Obama took office in 2009 Democrats held 56% of state legislative seats, in 2017 Republicans will control 56% of state legislative seats. In 2009 Democrats held 17 states where they held legislative control in both houses and the governorship. Today that’s down to five. When Donald Trump takes office Republicans will have control of the legislature and the governor’s mansion in 25 states.

Democrats don’t seem to be sure what happened to them, but on election eve the chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party seem to have it all sorted out.

The Republican wave across the country hurts Democrats in a number of ways. First of all, Democrats have no bench. If you look at the prospects for candidate in 2020 they have a group of septuagenarian’s with no real vision and no accomplishments. When Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are the best you’ve got, you got problems. And then there’s talk of Hillary coming back in 2020. Oh please Lord.

Working families are now Republican families. It appears as though a slick talker like Barack Obama is fully capable of fooling all the well-educated idiots along the West Coast and in Manhattan all the time. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, Democrats couldn’t fool middle-class, working-class voters this time around and they’re not likely to forget the bad taste in their mouth left by Mr. “You can keep your doctor…” over the last eight years.

Democrats need new blood and they’re not likely to find it anytime soon. The states where Democrats have control and have a deep bench are places like California and New York and those elected officials would be laughed out of town in real America. Democrats will control California’s 55 electoral votes until California decides to leave the U.S. (sooner rather than later we can only hope.) And they’ll rack up enormous vote totals doing it.

The far left politicians that are at the top of the Democratic Party can’t appeal to real America. We’ve already seen that their smoke and mirrors doesn’t work.

Just to put an exclamation point on how bad the situation is for Democrats, they’re getting ready to select a new Democratic National Committee head and the choices they’ve got are a socialist Muslim, Keith Ellison, and an even further left socialist Tom Perez.

In addition Democrats will be defending 25 Senate seats in 2018 and if Donald Trump and Washington Republicans do a good job in the next two years Democrats could be looking forward to losing at least 10 of those seats.

Republicans have a lot of work to do, but today I’d rather be a Republican and a Democrat.


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