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As Democrats Are Caught in Massive Voter Fraud, Hillary’s Campaign Imploded [VIDEO]


Democrats hate any kind of a requirement that people prove that they are actually eligible to vote. They insist that “voter fraud” never happens.

They worked their fingers to the bone this year trying to get Hillary Clinton elected, but fortunately for America. Donald Trump won by a big enough margin in critical states that Democrat voter fraud didn’t matter.

Here’s a Fox News report that focused on a number of efforts by Democrats to increase their vote totals fraudulently.

Hillary Clinton is leading in the popular vote by about 2 million votes. Two sources,@TrueTheVote and@JumpVote, have said they will initiate legal action because of illegal aliens – as many as 3 million of them – voted in this election. You can bet your last nickel that every one of them was a Hillary Clinton voter.

In addition to up to 3 million illegals, there are 4 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls, and it is common knowledge that every graveyard solidly supports the Democratic Party.

States like California, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania do not require voter ID or proof of eligibility to vote. It’s important to note that many of those states are swing states that Donald Trump barely squeaked out a victory in, and several are states that he narrowly lost.

Hillary Clinton’s 2 million popular vote margin comes out of two states, California and New York. California issues drivers licenses to illegals and thanks to the “motor voter act” they can register to vote when they get their drivers license.

It’s past time to purge the voter rolls.  Every U.S. citizen should be required to reregister to vote prior to the 2018 election. That way dead voters and illegal aliens won’t be deciding who sits in the next Congress.


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