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Court States Sex Change Surgery Totally Okay For FIVE-Year-Old…


It’s amazing just how many parents are committing child abuse by forcing transgenderism on their kids. Apparently, in Australia, it’s considered completely acceptable to force surgery on a child when they are only 5 years of age!

What happened to just putting “The Teletubbies” on the tube and letting kids be kids?

A little five-year-old boy will undergo intersex surgery once their Family Court agrees to honor the parents request to remove the child’s gonads.


Reports reveal that when the child, known as Carla, was born they thought he was a female because he had ambiguous genitalia.

But, when her mother noticed serious swelling around the vulva, after the tests it was revealed that her daughter had male and not female reproductive organs.

Simply put, her male gonads were tucked inside her body, making her genital area look similar to that of a typical female’s.

Pause for just a second…occasionally, the balls don’t drop. Sometimes with dogs or cats, the testicles simply do not descend. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, it simply means they’re…up there, they need gravity to give them a little shove in the right direction so they can be gotten to. Basically, this in no way means that a male is a female because of genital appearance.

Now back to the story…

Once referred to as hermaphrodites, babies born similar to Carla were often assigned a gender at birth.
With the help of surgery, babies had their sex decided for them.
This practice has now been widely condemned by the intersex community who argue the surgery is ‘medically unnecessary’.

Without the young child’s input, it is argued the wrong gender could be assigned entirely.
Intersex activist Morgan Carpenter told The Australian on Wednesday it was appropriate to assign a gender to an intersex child at birth, but not enforce it with irreversible surgery

I’m torn. One one hand, no child should ever have to go through elective surgery. If there is a health reason, that’s one thing. But forcing a child to go through a surgery that the child doesn’t actually have to go through is wrong.

On the other hand, the “intersex” community seems to be advocating taking parents choices away that doesn’t validate the “intersex” political agenda.

I just… I don’t know.

This is an actual tough case here. But if Carla has male reproductive parts, they’re just tucked up in there hiding (to put it unscientifically), little Carla might actually be little Carl. And once his/her hormones start doing their thing, Carla might find he/she drawn to more masculine pursuits. Like mansplaining, or leading the patriarchy.

Something to note: Carla is actually intersex, having presented as a girl but having the plumbing of a boy. Which means Carla is anatomically different than the vast majority of the transgender community, who are simply cross-dressing and demanding the rest of us alter our sense of reality for their feelings.

That’s a HUGE difference.The transgender community shouldn’t be allowed to take up Carla’s cause as one of their own. This is a serious medical case of hermaphroditism. It is not as easy as “Carla is a boy in a girl’s body” or vice versa. Carla literally has male gonads tucked up inside her. Or him.

In the end, Carla’s case would have been MUCH simpler had the political agenda of vocal trannies and their compadres not pushed so hard on “gender is totes fluid” these past several years. People like Carla and his/her parents actually need real, unbiased, scientific information to base their decisions. This in no way should be based on what’s culturally in fashion,… a child’s entire life depends on it.

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that the parents of this five year old think the child is old enough to make their own choice. This kid’s brain isn’t nearly developed enough to make a life altering decision like that!! Once they lop that sucker off there’s no growing it back! You only get one pecker in life, and that’s from your momma. Sure, they maybe able to fix it to make it look like the original thing, but it won’t function like one! What if in the future after he or she hits puberty they decide they were a male after all….too bad so sad my friend, that suckers gone!


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