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Cops Lives Don’t Matter to Walmart and Amazon?


The domestic terrorist group, #BlackLivesMatter, has a new T-shirt out that has at least one police union up in arms. It’s being sold at Walmart and Amazon.


The president of the national Fraternal Order of Police, asked Walmart and Amazon to stop selling the T-shirt. Chuck Canterbury, the president of the FOP asked Walmart in a letter to “prohibit the use of the Walmart name and website for the retail sale of these products.”

He went on to say, “I am concerned that allowing these articles to be sold in this way will damage your company’s good name amongst FOP members and other active and retired law enforcement officers. Commercializing our differences will not help our police and communities build greater trust and respect for one another.”

Walmart responded to Canterbury’s request and has removed the “Bulletproof” T-shirt. They are continuing to sell T-shirts that say “Black Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter,” and “All Lives Matter.”

A Walmart representative said, “Like other online retailers, we have a marketplace with millions of items offered by third parties… After hearing concerns from customers, we removed the specific item with the ‘bulletproof’ reference.

The shirt is distributed by Old Glory Merchandise who also was approached by the FOP. Glenn Morelli, the owner of Old Glory Merchandise, has pulled the shirt from distribution. He said the shirt isn’t featured on any websites selling Old Glory merchandise. He had actually made the decision to pull the shirt before he got the call from the FOP.

Morelli went on to say, “We understand where the FOP stand in their point of view. We didn’t want a fool any feathers. Also, too, we support the police in different ways.”

The FOP doesn’t oppose “Black Lives Matter” phrasing, but objects to those who are working to divide Americans by race. They have previously protested the “Hands up Don’t Shoot” phrase as they should, because that is a complete lie.

As of this writing, Amazon is still selling the T-shirt. A hearty “thank you” to both Walmart and Old Glory Merchandise for pulling this product. Shame on Amazon.


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