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Clinton Foundation Was Very, Very Good to Putin – Why All the Hate? [VIDEO]


It’s interesting that Democrats and Hillary Clinton are screaming that Donald Trump is a traitor for some unquantifiable reason. I think they’re doing it as a matter of deflection, after all Democrats have not one, but two traders in their own midst.

First of all there’s John Kerry, our current Secretary of State, who, while a member of the United States Naval Reserve went to Paris in 1973 to work with the North Vietnamese in their negotiations with the United States over the end of the Vietnam War. That’s referred to as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Is every reason to believe that for that action Kerry was less than honorably discharged from the Navy. Jimmy Carter fixed that with his “Vietnam amnesty” proclamation.

The second traitor the Democrats have in their midst was Secretary of State just before John Kerry. That would be Hillary Clinton. It’s appropriate that Barack Obama would appoint two people who are traitors – in the constitutional, legal sense – to represent America to the world. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that.

“What was Hillary Clinton’s act of treason?” you may be asking. Well, it turns out that the Clinton Foundation helped to broker a deal that resulted in Russia – that would be the country that there up in arms about at the moment – acquiring control of 20% of American uranium reserves, and a second deal that gave the Russians access to our military technology.

Let me see if I got this right, Russians control 20% of U.S. uranium and that’s okay. The Russians get U.S. military technology, and that’s just fine. (You might remember that Bill Clinton gave the Chinese U.S. military technology when he was president.) So trading away our uranium supplies, and our national defense don’t present a problem to Democrats. What does present a problem to Democrats is when the Russians – maybe the Russians – hack into the DNC email system and provide the American people with transparency into just how fascist and racist the Democratic Party really is.

Think about that.

Here’s a summary of what the Clinton Crime Family did for the Russians and for Vladimir Putin.

If the Clintons are willing to work hand-in-hand with Putin when they’re just private citizens, imagine what they can do – and the billions they could suck into their Foundation – with Hillary in the Oval Office.

The big question has to be, why in the world would Vlad Putin want Donald Trump as President? He apparently already owned the Clintons.

It’s interesting that apparently the FBI is still investigating the Clinton Foundation. The investigation covers at least five FBI regional offices and they’re looking into things like money laundering. With Donald Trump as President, and Jeff Sessions at the head of the Department of Justice, hopefully the FBI will also look into Uranium One.

It’s long past time – about 30 years past time – for the Clinton family to face justice. With any luck, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband, and the entire Clinton Cartel will be behind bars. That’s all I want for Christmas.


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