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CIA Director Agrees with Trump on Muslim Refugees: Obama Dead Wrong [VIDEO]


Barack Obama can’t bring himself to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” even in the face of dead bodies. He’ll either blubber about authorities “investigating the motive behind the attack” or, as in the case of the Islamic terrorists that murdered 49 people in Florida, he’ll point a finger and mumble something about homophobia.

John Brennan, Barack Obama’s CIA Director, manned up awhile back and stuck his summoned in Barack’s eye.

Brennan notes that without regard to what’s happening on the battlefield, Islamic terrorists are expected to intensify terror attacks around the world. How are they going to do it?

“The group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the West, including refugee flows, smuggling routes, and legitimate methods of travel.”

Keep in mind that Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are working their fingers to the bone from now until January 2017 to get as many Muslim terrorists disguised as refugees into the U.S. as they possibly can. It’s just the “humanitarian” thing to do.

Islamic terrorism can’t defeat us on a battlefield, neither could the Vietcong or North Vietnamese. You can be sure though that Islamic terrorists learned from the Vietcong that to win you don’t have to overcome U.S. soldiers and Marines. It’s much easier to overcome U.S. politicians like the spineless wimp who’s been sitting in the Oval Office for the last eight years. In fairness, Obama has a lot of help from spineless Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain, Gov. John Kasich, and Speaker Paul Ryan.

When all is said and done America has nothing to fear from Islamic terrorism. It’s political “leaders” like Obama, etc. who don’t have the courage to stand up for America and American values.

There’s one thing I’m sure of, John Brennan’s warning was ignored this year, and will continue to be ignored for at least another 33 days.

I think President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will stand up and be counted for America. I’m not sure I can say that about the Republican members of the House and Senate. They’re the people who stood by and watched Democrats welcome hundreds of thousands of terrorists in sheep’s clothing into America.

2017 is certainly going to be an interesting year.


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