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Chris Pratt Made Hilarious ‘Transphobic’ Joke About Jennifer Lawrence…Cue Outrage? [VIDEO]


Where’s the liberal outrage? I know it’s hiding somewhere…

Buckle up, because Chris Pratt just made a joke with Jennifer Lawrence that’s bound to have liberals stirring with rage in their seats. It was of a hilariously transphobic nature. jennifer-lawrence-32

It’s only “transphobic” because that’s the term we’d use in 2016. Ten years ago it was simply called “a joke,” we’d laugh until our abs were sore and our eyes welled with tears. Not to mention, isn’t Jennifer Lawrence the woke celebrity of the day?

Oh, in no way is this good for business…



Because Chris Pratt said JLaw has a d!ck! He used a transphobic joke! HOW DARE HE BE SO INSENSITIVE! Even the two Radio One talking heads got a bit nervous there. Did you catch them?

Granted, it was part of a segment where the two stars were SUPPOSED to insult each other, as you’ll see below…

Making fun of each other for fun. It’s a segment now. It’s supposed to be (and in this case IS) funny. Not meant to be taken seriously. It’s for the LOLs. Remember when we used to have LOLs just for the fun of it, and when we weren’t all hot and bothered about tiny segments of the population getting hot and bothered? Me neither. But perhaps this segment will serve as a flashback to how it used to be before leftist butt monkeys took the fun out of life.

The attacks from leftist fake news sites like Salon, HuffPo, and BuzzFeed haven’t started yet…but they may be coming. What with the obvious transphobic nature of implying a woman had a penis. And Pratt was somehow bothered by said penis.

Well…Pratt had a feeling something of this nature, AKA liberal outrage, was coming. Which is why he planned ahead. Over a year ago, knowing he was going to make a joke at some point, he apologized for his “bad” behavior…

For those of you who haven’t caught on, my tongue is placed firmly in my cheek as I’m writing this. Consider this your only trigger warning. Come on though, it’s just a joke, people. And if I might add, a really good one.

Honestly, saying Lawrence has a wiener? CLASSIC. Maybe Chris will avoid the outrage by cashing in his male white privilege chips. Or his handsome chips? Better do both just to be safe.

Either way, thanks, Chris Pratt for allowing or handing me the opportunity to mock liberal outrage before they even had the opportunity to be outraged.


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