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BUSTED! CNN Live: Caught Announcing Trumps Death!


Evil! The left is pure evil.

CNN is choked full of embarrassing moments, but man does this one take the cake!

Little did the reporting crew realize, the microphone was not turned off and caught every word they said about pres-elect Trump and it wasn’t pretty. They were joking about Donald Trump’s plane crashing, then proceeded to laugh at the thought of him being obliterated.

Sure everyone gossips, but what happened to the words ROLLING and CUT? Maybe they should go over basic reporting procedures again, those little details can be important. You know, so you don’t reveal to the entire world that you wish the president died in a plane crash, just a thought….
Susanne Malveaux and her CNN crew waited for Trump’s plane to arrive before his speech. Then, a producer can be heard off camera explaining how she’d signal the CNN correspondent when Trump’s plane landed.

The producer stated: “Sue, he’s landing any minute…if I do ‘this’ he’s landed,” presumably giving Malveuax a hand signal.

“Good,” Malveaux replied.

“That means his plane’s crashed,” the producer then chuckled. Malveaux went wide-eyed at the comment, then flashed a toothy smile at the producer’s joke.

Watch the video below!


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