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BREAKING: WHAT! NY Medicaid Now Covers Transgender Surgery For KIDS!



The left seems to create their own science these days. They take facts and scramble them into something that fits their political agenda. Now, they are screwing around with children.

When it comes to furthering their narrative, science is thrown completely out the window with the unwanted babies. One can’t help but notice that their ideology prevents things like facts and reality on a regular basis.

For instance, calling a lumpy blue-armpitted swamp heifer “sexy” does not make a lady beautiful. And since we are on the subject of making ladies, liberal New York is on a quest to help transgender kids…

By giving them health coverage for necessities such as boob jobs. Because of duh, they need it.

That’s not even half of it, apparently, New York plans to ensure a lengthy lineup of “vital care” for tiny trans tots…

Twelve states and Washington, D.C., cover transition-related health care under Medicaid for transgender people. In 2014, Oregon became the first state to cover puberty blockers for youths under Medicaid, and California’s also ordered to cover care related to gender transition.

New York is the latest to grapple with the issue… Judge Jed Rakoff ruled that Medicaid must cover procedures the state previously called “cosmetic,” including breast augmentation and tracheal shaving.

The New York State Department of Health filed a proposed rule that extend[s]its Medicaid coverage to treating indivduals under 18. The department intends to move forward Dec. 5.

The recent change in New York “is a great thing for transgender young people,” Kim Forte of Legal Aid Society Said.

According to New York, transgender chitlins will be thanking their lucky stars for the opportunity to filet their genitalia. Fond memories. Like learning how to drive.

This is just one of the progressive changes New York has made recently (see ‘My Body, Your Tax Dollar?’ NY de Blasio Signs Law Mandating ‘Free’ Tampons…). Helping pre-teens curb stomp the natural process of puberty was the next step for them, naturally. For the children’s sake.


There is an obvious problem here, almost as obvious as the penis showing through Caitlyn Jenner’s dress. Unfortunately, it’s not very obvious to New York, or any of the quickly-growing number of states pushing for these changes. Meanwhile, conservatives are tarred and feathered for “not caring.”

The left continues to busy themselves with state-backed child abuse. Because it’s the tolerant thing to do, hmm thanks, “progress…”


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