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BREAKING! LAX Airport Terror Alert: Terminals Being Evacuated


Earlier this morning, airport officials briefly evacuated the ticketing areas in Terminal 6 and Terminal 7. Passengers left due to suspicious baggage left unattended. Reports revealed that people are currently being let back into the airport with the understanding that a new bag was discovered unattended in terminal 5.

A TSA dog made the original discovery in terminal 6 and terminal 7, officials said. The suspicious bag, alerted by the TSA dog, was found in a non-public area, officials stated.

Just as operations started to get back to normal, word spread that an unattended was found in a restroom in Terminal 5. Officials said that the area is currently blocked off, and the item will be checked out.

This is prime time for terrorists to attack, it’s a busy holiday season and you can bet that traffic in the air will be picking up. Today through Friday are expected to be the busiest days at LAX, about 239,000 people are estimated to pass through the airport on these days.

LAX is the third-busiest airport in the country during the holiday season, following Atlanta and Chicago. BUT, they’re the busiest origin-and-destination airport, basically… more passengers will start or end their travel at LAX than any other airfield.

Maybe consider getting a refund and send your family a card. It’s worth the piece of mind in my opinion! Attacks never seem real until they happen in your home town.


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