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BREAKING: Judge Slams CNN with Massive Bad News…


Last Tuesday, a California court ruled for CNN’s previous producer, Stanley Wilson’s, racial discrimination lawsuit to move forward, arguing that “the press has no special immunity” from such suits.

As reported at the time, Stanley originally filed the suit two years ago after he was allegedly pink-slipped for complaining about work related racial discrimination.

The lawsuit read:

“In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, plaintiff verbally complained to the CNN senior vice president of human resources (HR) that African-American men outside of Atlanta, D.C. and New York were not being promoted,”


CNN claimed otherwise, pointing to Wilson having been caught plagiarizing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, he maintained that the allegation of plagiarism “was just a pretext and that the real reasons were discriminatory in nature.”

As an example, he pointed to CNN host Fareed Zakaria, who was only suspended — and for only a week — after his own plagiarism surfaced in 2009.

In response to Wilson’s suit, CNN reportedly filed a motion arguing that Wilson was attempting to violate its right to free speech by dictating who it could hire and fire — and despite the sketchy nature of this motion, it nevertheless was upheld.

But, California’s divided panel overturned that ruling, citing CNN’s “allegedly discriminatory and retaliatory conduct.”

“(W)e reject defendants‘ characterization of their allegedly discriminatory and retaliatory conduct as mere ‘staffing decisions’ in furtherance of their free speech rights to determine who shapes the way they present news,” the ruling read. “The press has no special immunity from generally applicable laws.”

Basically, CNN couldn’t squeak by the justice system, its discriminatory policy failed royally, and the grim reaper has come to collect his payment from this hypocritical network. A network, that claims to be a champion of minorities while it allegedly treats them like garbage.

Let’s hope that the allegations in this lawsuit have merit, so that CNN will finally have to face the music.


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