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Breaking: ISIS Bomb Plot Thwarted, Two Jihadis Charged



It amazes me that things like an ISIS bomb plot getting thwarted won’t make major news anymore! Places like London that have unlimited migration are just asking to die! They have no way to keep the enemies out of their gates, take a look at this example!

An Eritrean asylum seeker was discovered planning to bomb the United Kingdom. Munir Hassan Mohammed, 35, decided that it was perfect timing to plant the bomb was around the anniversary of Britain’s worst terror attack, 7/7/2005, in which four jihadis detonated bombs on London Underground trains, killing 52 and injuring more than 700 people.


The 35-year-old has been charged with being a member of ISIS, disseminating terrorist publications, and possessing instructions to build an explosive device inside a cell phone.

Rowaida El Hassan, 32, of London, appeared in court alongside Mohammed. She is also being charged with planning terrorism and possessing instructions to build explosives.

Mohammed and Hassan were two of six people arrested by detectives from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit on December 12.

Mohammed, and Hassan, 32, of north London, appeared before Westminster magistrates court.

Mohammed was allegedly preparing an act of terrorism, until his arrest in December. Because these two terrorists are members of the Islamic State, they possess instructions on how to build an explosive device inside a mobile phone. Reports reveal that he disseminated terrorist material.

Hassan was also accused of getting ready for a terror attack, and, possessing instructions to build an explosive device inside a mobile phone.

The duo were among only six people arrested across the country on 12 December. Just so you feel super safe the others have since been released.

Apparently, they were reprimanded in custody and are set to appear at the Old Bailey on 12 January. Because that showed them! That little punishment cured them of a lifetime of brainwashing.


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