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BREAKING: FBI ACCUSES Russian Of Meddling to Help Trump


The CIA and FBI both confirmed what everyone feared, that Russians intervened in the presidential election–hacking into both Republican and Democratic organizations.

But, federal agencies disagree on intent.

The CIA devoutly believes Russia’s intent was to help Trump secure the election.

The FBI though? They’re not so certain:

“is not certain that Russia’s interference in the election was a purposeful effort to alter the results.”
The Hill:

During a meeting of the House Intelligence Committee, the CIA said it was sure of Russia’s intentions in hacking Democratic party emails, but the FBI was less certain, The Post reported.

One official told The Post that for the FBI, “there’s no question that [the Russians’]efforts went one way, but it’s not clear that they have a specific goal or mix of related goals.”

Maine Sen. Angus King (I), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also told The Post that intelligence information surrounding the hacks should be made public in an effort “to see that this doesn’t happen again.”

Whether the country’s end goal was manipulating the results of the election, King said he wasn’t sure, but added that he does not believe Russia’s hacking will end with this election, but “could happen in the midterms” or “in the next presidential election.”

Since the reports, lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic parties have denounced Russia’s hacks and called for a thorough investigation.

Obviously, as noted by President-elect Donald Trump, Democrats are simply grasping at straws to find an explanation for why Democrats lost the election.

Honestly, is it really necessary to bring a foreign country into the election in order to explain why the country did not fall in love with the robotic criminal that is Hillary Clinton?

As far as I’ve heard, Putin had no part in Clinton using a private e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State. Russia had no part in the FBI re-opening the investigation of Clinton’s e-mails.

Putin also had nothing to do with Clinton’s failing health which kept her from running the campaign she should have. There might be areas to point the finger at Russia–but this certainly isn’t one of them.

VCome on Democrats, Washington insiders, and Clinton supporters–just get over it. YOU LOST, time to move on already.


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