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Bill O’Reilly RIPS UP Hillary Supporter on Her Lies About Trump [VIDEO]


I’ve never understood why people who criticize television personalities like Bill O’Reilly will come on their program to defend their criticism. Jennifer Rubin is just the latest to discover it’s not a good idea.

Ruben is a far left blogger in the Washington Post and she decided that it would be a good idea to take on Bill O’Reilly. She accused O’Reilly of being a Trump shell and said that if Trump wanted to be interviewed by “journalists” he shouldn’t be on O’Reilly’s program he should be talking to “real journalists.” I’m assuming she was talking about the Democratic operatives with bylines who work at CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, and her paper, the Washington Post.

Anyway, O’Reilly invited Ruben to come on his program and go one-on-one with him.

I believe this is what’s generally referred to as “a train wreck.” O’Reilly does the segments for a living. He does them every day. Ruben writes a column. She’s never faced with having to field questions and produce instant answers.

I will say, having read Ms. Rubin frequently, that O’Reilly did not have a difficult job taking her apart. She’s a raving lunatic. She gets away with being a raving lunatic because of the audience she writes for. That would be Democrats who subscribe to the Washington Post. I actually have more fun reading the comments on her columns than reading the stupidity in them.

Remember, Jennifer Rubin is one of the “smart people” in the media who support Hillary Clinton and her ilk. It’s amazing that anyone could not understand that essentially every one of the debate moderators – with the exception of Hugh Hewitt – was a Democrat. The deck is always stacked that way. Remember Candy Crowley jumping up and bailing out Barack Obama in his second debate with Mitt Romney.

I’m suspecting that Ms. Rubin is not likely to be on O’Reilly show again, and if Sean Hannity invites her she probably won’t appear there either. I was actually embarrassed watching her with her little list trying to find points that she wanted to make against O’Reilly. I mean really Jennifer, you should’ve spent some time looking at your list so you understood what was there. I suspect one of the little people at the Washington Post probably prepared that for her and handed it to her on her way out the door.

People who work at places like the Washington Post aren’t used to being challenged, they live in a bubble. Jennifer Rubin just gave a really bad example of what happens when you live in a bubble like that.


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