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ALERT: Obama’s Department Of Justice Has NEW Target: Sheriff David Clarke – WTH?


Oh hell no…they can’t mess with Sheriff David Clarke. They better back off – because this country will go to the mat for our guy! This is almost unbelievable because even THIS seems far too scumbaggy for a liberal, just because it is SO low!

…and that’s saying a whole lot. Hat tip /

Congresswoman Gwen Moore is after America’s favorite Sheriff and it’s no small thing either. She has already written her request and sent it into OBAMA’s Department of Justice for an investigation into Sheriff Clarke and his Milwaukee County Jailhouse to be initiated.

This is bad.

Gwen Moore a DOJ Rep. has targeted Sheriff Clarke with her request for the Department of Justice to get an independent investigation of the Milwaukee County Jail. This is ‘supposedly’ a response to recent deaths in the facility.

As you know, this is the County Jailhouse that the good Sheriff commands.

The Department of Justice has responded, and have confirmed that they will in fact consider this request.

In the past six months, there has been four deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail, one of those deaths included a newborn baby that was delivered by one of the inmates.

Congresswoman Moore drafted a letter to the Department of Justice and in it stated that the jail is an “unsafe environment” for the inmates that reside there and then dropped the bomb…

She questioned Sheriff Clarke’s competence and suggested these deaths were due to an oversight of the Sheriff’s.

Then the Department of Justice responded…

“We will carefully consider your letter, along with other information we may receive regarding the Milwaukee County Jail in order to determine whether a pattern or practice investigation may be necessary.”

Clarke has since responded also to Moore’s letter, however he did NOT reference the DOJ’s response.

The Sheriff’s response?

He says that Moore is using her personal agenda against him to make waves between him and the Department of Justice. As for what her personal agenda against him is all about…Clarke says:

“She’s upset about my help/support in President-elect Trump becoming the 45th POTUS.”

That is not all she has said either….the woman is RUTHLESS and this is a damn witch hunt!

During a phone interview with CBS she said:

“None of us should be stunned at this point that there are four deaths in six months given his flamboyant, arrogant and non-empathetic response to that,’ said Moore. “Some of the families have said he has not even reached out to them, to say I’m sorry for your loss.”

Sheriff Clarke is no push-over, we know that. In his response…that is plain to see.

Gwen Moore, criminals’ best friend, should focus on reducing the $21 trillion debt the country is facing, replacing Obamacare, reducing taxes, closing the border and helping President Trump jump start the economy to provide jobs.

Even though we know Sheriff Clarke can take care of himself, he should know that he does not have to. He should know that we stand behind him.

Remember her name…

Congresswoman Gwen Moore



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