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Al Gore Announces Inconvenient Truth II: This is Not a Joke [VIDEO]


Yes, unfortunately, Al Gore is still around. And inconveniently he is still making movies.

He recently introduced Inconvenient Truth 2:

His new movie was headlined at the Sundance Film Festival and he was met with wild applause even though all the calamities he forecasted in the first round of this stupid movie didn’t happen.

Hurricanes didn’t increase in their frequency and strength. The polar ice caps didn’t melt, as a matter of fact a scientific expedition looking into ice at the South Pole had to be rescued when their icebreaker was trapped by ice flows. Those tornadoes that Al said were going to increase in frequency and strength, well, they didn’t happen. And Mount Kilimanjaro still has snow.

I’ll admit I didn’t see the first version, so I don’t really know how many predictions Al made in that fiasco, but I do know how many of them came true. Exactly zero.

So Al has made another movie and I’m sure it has more predictions in it. I’ll go out on a limb right now, without seeing the movie, and predict Al’s record won’t change and none of these predictions will come true either.

In other news, Al got to meet with President-elect Donald Trump to talk about climate change. He was ecstatic when he talked to the press and said the meeting was productive and that they were going to get together in January. Two days later Donald Trump nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate change warrior who is currently suing the EPA.

Al had no comment about that, I suspect his medication levels had been increased.

Personally, I believe climate change is a problem when the people who yell about it the most start acting like it. Al Gore lives in a house that uses more electricity than a small town, and everywhere he goes, he flies in a private jet. All the while he’s doing that, he’s telling us that we need to get rid of our air-conditioning and use public transportation.

Al, I don’t think you’re going to enjoy the Trump administration. You should probably move to Canada. Or maybe Saudi Arabia where you can campaign against fossil fuels.


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