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Do Wieners Sing? This One Does… [VIDEO]


Anthony Weiner is Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. It looks like Hillary’s best buddy Huma somehow let her pedophile husband migrate 650,000 emails on his laptop. That would be the same laptop the FBI is looking at with respect to sexting with a minor charges that got Weiner in hot water in the first place.


That’s right, looks like Weiner is cooperating with the FBI. Is that going to put a final nail in Hillary’s coffin? Will that be the stake that is driven through vampire Hillary’s heart? We can only hope.

Huma is also and potentially a lot of hot water because she swore under oath weeks ago that she had turned over all of her electronic devices with email to the FBI. Looks like that was either a big fat lie, Anthony somehow managed to get access to Huma’s email account and download her Yahoo email from knows what reason, or the Russian hackers are so good they hacked the NSA, got all of Huma’s emails and then hacked Weiner’s computer and left him a gift.

At any rate, it looks like the Weiner is going to sing like a canary about Huma and Hillary in an effort to save his own worthless hide.

The FBI hasn’t had time to go through all 650,000 emails, but the damage to Hillary is still very significant because with seven days left in this election cycle you can bet this will be on every newscast. It’s true, the Democratic operatives with bylines in the major media will be doing everything they can to bail Hillary out, but the bottom line is that they’re all going to be forced to talk about Clinton Crime Family corruption before they can excuse it.

Hillary diehards are still to vote for Hillary. But it’s becoming more obvious every day that independent voters are disgusted with her, and the morale in Hillary’s camp is as close to zero as you can get. On the other hand Donald Trump’s fundraising numbers are setting records and his campaign is energized.

It looks like FBI Director James Comey may have made his own inadvertent campaign donation to Donald Trump.

And as Mr. Trump indicated above we offer a special thank you to Anthony Weiner.


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