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Whoopi Bad Mouths Trump, Trump Campaign Manager Has BRUTAL Response!


A group of self-entitled liberal catty women on The View were itching for the opportunity to overpower Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. They simply couldn’t wait for the Wednesday appearance of their disgusting show, thinking that they would easily be able to slip her up with their sick snark. However, they were in for quite an embarrassing shock when she bluntly put them in their place after a nasty claim they spewed at her.
It’s not uncommon for liberal women to tend to think that they are more intelligent than their conservative counterparts, when, ironically, they are led by liars and believe whatever is fed to them. So, when Conway was scheduled to come on the show, the panel of wretched women thought that they would be able to get out their boxing gloves and slap her around a bit. The women, mainly Whoopi, did all she could to speak over the Trump campaign manager and not let her get a word in because if she did the truth would come spewing out and they would look like the fools they are.

However, her perfect reply instantly shut them up when she pulled an inconvenient fact out of her information arsenal.

According to Mediaite, the talk show hosts decided to bring up the recent polls to prove that Hillary Clinton was more popular than Trump. Conway pointed out the inconsistency in the results based on which network is providing them, then pointed out the ironic detail that ABC, which is the network The View is on, shows Trump ahead. The campaign manager’s argumentative nature didn’t go over too well with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, whose claws came out.
“Uh huh. But you remember he said we were all crooked,” Whoopi fired back. “He said the media was crooked, the polls were crooked, everything was crooked … I’m just wondering will it be crooked again if it goes, if he slips in the polls, are we back to crooked?” Whoopi asked.

Conway laughed Whoopi’s anger issues off and told her to prepare herself to hear the title President-elect Donald J. Trump next week, then added that he would be happy to come on the show once he’s president. Whoopi took that as an insult, saying she didn’t want him near her since he’s been “very nasty” about people she cares about. That’s when Conway told her what’s really “nasty.”

Conway called Hillary Clinton and her tactics “nasty,” and explained that “there are tens of millions of dollars in negative advertising, as we sit here, from Hillary Clinton.” Then Behar interrupted her to backhandedly insult Conway when she said, “I like you, but I think, right here, you’re being delusional.”

It’s obvious who is delusional here, and it’s the women who sit their self-righteous butts at that table every day and shill so hard for Hillary, thinking that a criminal is somehow better than a man, simply because she’s a woman. Conway kept her calm, as most conservatives do, and let the loud-mouthed monsters publicly humiliate themselves with their short tempers — not unlike their female preference for president.


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