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White House: Obama May Leave the Country if Trump is Elected!


If Donald Trump is elected president, several Hollywood celebrities have threatened to leave the country. Many of these include celebrities like Raven Symone, Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Cher and Whoopi Goldberg. All of which, most of us would say “Adios, Muchachos”…don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

But, there seems to be a “Hollywood wannabe” who is thinking about leaving the country as well …at least he’s NOT denying it. That would be Barack Obama, himself.  Now that alone should be an incentive for Americans to vote Trump. 24b4236100000578-2911322-here_president_barack_obama_boards_the_luxury_jet_which_boasts_o-a-26_1421338410981-660x400

H/T I Have The Truth:

The White house is refusing to deny the rumors that President Obama claimed he will relocate to Canada if Donald Trump is elected as his successor in November.

The rumor began when Canadian satire website The Burred Street Journal ran a fictional story titled “Obama Declares His Family Will Move To Canada If Trump Is Elected.”

The story was complete with a fake statement from Obama which read, “It’s something Michelle, the kids and I have discussed as a potential solution to the Donald. I have also spoken with Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau who outlined Canada’s generous immigration policy for wealthy individuals, so we’ll see.”

The story was immediately picked up by American newsrooms, who ran it with headlines like “Obama Just Said He’s Moving If Trump Is Elected, Sounds Good To Us!”

When asked about the rumors, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest would not say outright that Obama is not considering a move to Canada should the American people elect Trump.


He’s working very hard to make sure that nobody has to leave the country as a result of an electoral outcome that the president doesn’t support,” said Earnest, according to MRC Blog.

Of course Obama is! Because Obama knows that if Donald Trump gets elected as our next president, America WILL return to a country of laws! That’s something Obama, Clinton, AG Loretta Lynch and all their corrupt administration and associates don’t know about. They will all take off for another country, because not only will they be out of jobs…they will probably be arrested for all dirt we uncover after this “transparent adminstration” leaves.

Thank goodness for WikiLeaks and Project Veritas…at least SOMEONE’S transparent with the American people, but it’s certainly NOT Obama.



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