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The Wall Will Be Built: Mexico Just Put It on Layaway [VIDEO]


The president of Mexico just found out how quickly and painfully things change when the real world intervenes. Here’s what President Enrique Peña Nieto had to say to Donald Trump into the American people not long ago.

He went from that, to just a week ago when he was forced to send out this tweet.

“I congratulate the United States for its electoral process and I reiterate to @realDonaldTrump the willingness to work together toward a bilateral relationship. Mexico and the United States are friends, colleagues, allies who should keep working together for the competitiveness and development of North America.”

Let’s be clear El Presidente, Mexico is not our friend. Mexico was a corrupt, Third World, sinkhole that would die and blow away if it wasn’t for the U.S. There are currently over 1.1 million Mexicans employed by Fortune 500 companies based in the U.S. That may well change in the near future when Donald Trump re-negotiates NAFTA.

Between increased tariffs on imports – like Ford small cars – and hefty transaction fees on money transfers between Mexican illegal aliens from the U.S. back to Mexico, The Wall can get paid for in short order.

The Israeli company that has built a very effective wall protecting Israel from terrorists in Gaza has made preliminary contacts with Trump. Donald Trump is not John McCain, Trump will “build the dang wall,” and hopefully dedicate it to McCain. Or bury him under it, and frankly that works best for me. At McCain’s age that could happen at any time.


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