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The Wall is Paid For – Just Have to do THIS [VIDEO]


There’s been all kinds of screeching from the left about The Wall. One of the loudest screeches has been, where is the money can come from?

Actually, there are lots of sources but is Congressman Louis Gohmert points out in this interview, Congress is already appropriated money to do exactly that.

If they need more money, I love the idea of taxing remittances to Mexico. Mexico sends people here who take jobs from Americans and then send money back to Mexico. It just so happens that remittances from illegals in the U.S. is the number one source of revenue for the government of Mexico. Illegals send more money home and Mexico makes from their oil production which had been number one for decades.

There’s no question that Donald Trump is serious about building that wall. There are reports that he’s already contacted the company that has built the very successful wall separating Gaza from Israel.

It really does look like there’s a new day dawning in America and Donald Trump may just Make America Great Again.


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