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VIRAL On Social Media: Black Man Apologizes For Trumps Victory!


You just can’t help but watch this more than once! Donald Trump’s historic victory is a cause for celebration among millions of Americans that were assaulted, harassed, laughed at, and told that it could never happen. In response, a black Trump supporter couldn’t help himself and turned to social media to revel in his glory. This hilarious “apology” to liberals after the election is a must-see!

Henry Davis, a black man, who received a lot of backlash for voting Trump in the 2016 election, posted an “apology” to YouTube on Wednesday.

Spoiler alert: he isn’t actually apologizing.

Davis opened by addressing his video to “all of the Trump haters, all of the Hillary Clinton supporters and all of the people who said my Trump was going to lose.”

That’s when things started to get good.

Watch the video below — this man’s reaction surely represents how many of us felt after the election:

Wait, you guys, Trump only won because of white people according to the liberals. According to the racist mainstream media, this guy doesn’t exist…

Well here’s a tip to liberals: he does exist, as do millions of Americans that voted for Trump, as you well know by the amount of crying you guys have done this week, and we stepped up to take our country back.

Deal with it. We had to deal with Barack Obama for eight years, and let’s be honest, given the Left’s behavior so far, we did it with far more grace in the face of people who lose with as much class as when they win — but that’s not surprising.

After the way the liberal mainstream media treated Trump supporters, I think a fair amount of celebration and, yes, some laughter in the face of the pollsters and media that either ignored us or outright impugned us, is in order.

Every time that the RINOs and the Left call to “unify,” remember Davis’ laugh in the face of these fools that suddenly want to sing Kumbaya after they lost.

Sure, let’s unify. President Obama notably stated that Republicans can come along for the ride, so long as we sit in the back of the bus.

Republicans now have the keys to “said bus”, thanks to Trump and the movement that he spurred. If Democrats and RINOs want to “come together” they are welcome to do so…around the policies that made this movement happen.

As soon as they are willing to accept the current policies and abandon those of the Democrats and Obama, then sure, all the Whos in Whoville can join hands. If not, then they can all observe from the sidelines as we all laugh just like Davis.

The choice, of course, is theirs.

Meanwhile, here’s another funny guy, man they are everywhere aren’t they?!…

Last night in Dallas, one man stood against a crowd of hundreds.

The crowd raised signs up like “This Is Not My President” and “White Silence = White Violence.”

One very courageous man stood up against them:


I’d saya pizza is the least we could do for this man!


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