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Video Leaks HILARIOUS Footage Of First-Graders Reaction To Hillary Question…


If you have ever spent time around young children, you know they can be brutally honest with their thoughts. They are kind of like someone with ADHD on steroids, spitting out whatever words pop into their mouth first without thinking. I’m sure most everyone has had this embarrassing experience, there is just no filter on little children because most people gain this talent through life lessons and maturity.

Keep that in mind when you watch Fox News host Julie Banderas ask children a few simple questions during her visit to a class of first graders in New York. She questions them on their thoughts about the presidential candidates, and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton will likely be more than a little disappointed by their reactions.

She first asked what qualities make a good leader, one girl piped up and boldly stated “not lying” while another girl suggested, “help people get jobs.”

“My dad tells me that Hillary Clinton lies a lot. So if she wins, she might take over the country,” said the third girl, even adding that a president should also be “truthful, smart and really, really nice.”

One of the boys was asked why he trusted Republican nominee Donald Trump, to which he answered, “Because Hillary lies more than Donald Trump.”

At least Hillary had one supporter, (we have to give her a pity vote right?) as for the presidential debates, it seemed at least one of the young girls thought Clinton had emerged victorious simply because she hadn’t raised her voice as much as Trump had. Although knowing Hillary She was probably so sickly that raising her voice during the debate wasn’t an option.

“Hillary Clinton did better in the debate because she — she didn’t really yell as much as Donald Trump did,” the little girl said.

This is pretty hilarious, and in a way, it’s further evidence that Clinton lacks support from younger generations, even if these particular ones are far from being capable of voting — at least legally, that is.


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