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Video Leaked From Obama’s 2008 Campaign, It’s Every Trump Hater’s Worst Nightmare


These days it has most certainly become the “in thing” for the modern hipster liberals to throw around accusations of racism to get their way. Even though this kind of race-baiting has been happening for a number of years now, it’s become more noticeable during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. When these libtards accused Donald Trump of being racist, they better watch their back for one very important reason:

There’s a leaked video circling social media from 2008, that shows President Obama’s first campaign. During one of his speeches he’s heard voicing his “strong” concern about border security. That’s not even the best part….HE SUGGESTED A WALL. One major question surfaces to the top of my mind when I watch this video….how did none of us remember this topic in his speech?! Another question is for anti-Trumpsters, listen up, because it’s an important one for all liberals to digest:


Is Obama a racist too? Because he was talking about some things you could easily accuse Trump of. Let’s play a quick game. If you didn’t know who said this, would you think it was Donald Trump in 2016 or Barack Obama in 2008?

This man’s core goal was to “preserve the integrity of our borders to reduce illegal immigration.” Does this sound like Trump or Obama?

How about this one? This man said, “additional fencing could help get our border under control.” Definitely sounds more like a GOP candidate than a Democrat one, that’s for sure.

Finally, this man also supported “additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology on our border and at ports of entry.” Liberals would love to claim these quotes came from Donald J. Trump, especially considering he is the villain du jour in their lives at the moment.

I hate to steal their thunder, but these quotes did indeed come from a young Barack Obama in 2008. Even he understood the need for a controlled border before the special interests in this country got to him.

So, it is one thing when leaked videos show Hillary Clinton believed border security was important. It was entirely another when they showed that her husband thought it was important, but when liberal idol Barack Obama says it? Say it isn’t so! Liberals just can’t handle that.


We all know this already but, Donald Trump doesn’t get the free pass other politicians in this country enjoy. for one, he is a conservative, so he’s already the low man on the totem poll for every liberal.

For another, Republicans have been badly demonized simply for desiring to get our country under control. Luckily, people saw through the bullsh!t propaganda, our vote was our voice speaking out that Obama’s brand was simply not working any longer.

Most citizens are fed up with politicians who say one thing and do another. If you want to know the reason Donald Trump is the new president and not Hillary Clinton, there you go.

What are your thoughts about Barack Obama’s “harsh” opinion on illegal immigration? Please share this story and let us know what you think, OUR voice is YOUR voice!


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