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The Truth about Why Hillary Approved Sale of Uranium to Russia [VIDEO]


Hillary and her supporters have been making all kinds of statements about how much Donald Trump loves Vladimir Putin and the Russians. The fact that the FBI investigated those charges and found no connection and nothing of concern hasn’t slowed down their charges. Democrats simply keep repeating lies with the help of their Democratic operatives with bylines in the media until they’re accepted as the truth.

The fact is, that it isn’t Donald Trump who has a close connection with the Russians, it’s Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family.

The bottom line on this story, that isn’t being covered or followed up on by the major media, is that Bill and Hillary Clinton helped broker a sale of at least 20% of U.S. uranium supplies to a Canadian firm that was then bought out by the Russian government.

The Canadian who brokered the deal is a close friend of Bill Clinton, and donated $31 million to the Clinton Foundation and then pledged an additional $100 million.

This deal required the approval of the Secretary of State. Guess who was Secretary of State when the deal went through? If you guessed Hillary, you’d be right.

In addition to approving a deal that gives the Russians control over 20% of U.S. uranium supplies, Hillary did not disclose any of the donations from Bill’s Canadian buddy to the Clinton Foundation. That was required by law, but Democrats – and especially the Clintons – never let a little thing like “the law” get in their way.

Quid meet Pro Quo.

This story will be buried along with every other Clinton scandal if Hillary is elected on November 8. Don’t let that happen.


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