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Trump’s Department of Commerce May be Filled by Host of “The Five”: No, Not Her, Thankfully…


President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team have been very busy these past couple weeks interviewing several candidates for his cabinet and administration team. He’s appointed Republican Party Chair, Reince Preibus as his Chief-of-Staff, CEO Steve Bannon as senior advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, US Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and US Rep Michael Pompeo as CIA Director.

In recent interviews, Trump has been focusing on national security and economic positions. Last Wednesday, conservative TV personality and author,  Eric Bolling was summoned for an interview at the Trump Tower. Bolling specializes in financial and political commentary and is a co-host of the Fox News’ “The Five”.


H/T Politico:

Fox News host Eric Bolling has discussed the possibility of taking a position in Donald Trump’s administration, two sources with knowledge of the discussions tell POLITICO.

The position being discussed is in the Department of Commerce, though nothing has been offered yet.

Bolling, a co-host of “The Five” and an early Trump supporter, was spotted at Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday by the press pool and may have visited again on Friday.

Should he take an official working position with the Trump transition or administration, Bolling would be out of a job with the Fox network. Fox Business recently cut ties with host and contributor Anthony Scaramucci after he was added to the Trump transition team as an economic adviser.

Bolling has a degree in economics from Rollins College in Florida, and completed a fellowship at Duke University in public policy. He’s a former commodities trader and served five years on the board of directors at the New York Mercantile Exchange. He was part of CNBC before joining Fox News 2008.

“At this time I can’t confirm anything,” Bolling told POLITICO. “I’m sure you understand.”

Eric Bolling is a native Chicagoan and comes from a blue-collar family of hard work and strong values. He worked at the NY Mercantile Exchange in the commodities of natural gas, crude oil and gold – perfect background for supporting the re-energizing of America’s natural resouces on the Trump administration.

Bolling has been a pro-Trump supporter for awhile. Previous to Trump’s election he stated this:

It blows me away that a Socialist—basically a communist—came within a hair of becoming the Democrat nominee and maybe even the President of the United States,” Bolling said. “We fought wars pushing back communism and socialism, but the liberal wilderness has infected politics, it has infected the media, and it has infected academia to the point where it is almost acceptable to be a socialist and run for president.”

America has “everything we need here.” Instead of America “begging” to be part the rest of the world, “The world should be coming to us, asking to be involved with us.”

Bolling recently wrote a #1 Best Seller “Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever”. 

Proposing a solution, Bolling argues that restoring these nine virtues to the culture can restore America: grit, profit, manliness, thrift, individuality, dominion, merit, pride, and providence.

I certainly agree with Bolling on the nine virtues! I might add two more: honesty and faith. I believe president-elect Donald Trump believes in all of these virtues as well, afterall, he did write the following in Bolling’s book:

“‘Wake Up America’ is a HUGE book. It will help to Make America Great Again”. 

On a final note, Eric Bolling would be sorely missed on “The Five” and “Cashin’ In”, but we wish him the best in his consideration for the Department of Commerce in the Trump administration. By the way, Eric, it’s nice to see America is AWAKE again!




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