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Trump Stands Tall For America, We Don’t Bow To Anyone & He Proves It


Many Americans hated what a pussy Barack Obama proved himself to be. He would bend over in front of Islamic princes every chance he got, does that sound like a strong leader to you? Someone who likes being submissive?! NO.

It made our country look like weak easy targets, and it left Americans feeling very dejected. However, now Americans have been given a reason to cheer again once they see what President-elect Donald Trump did as he greeted the Japanese Prime Minister. It’s much more than “just” a handshake, and you’ll love how America is becoming great again.

Never before had Americans ever seen a President hold so much hatred for the country he served. Obama hated America simply because our country was an exceptional strong superpower of the free world. That used to be something people were proud of, Trump is restoring things to the way they were, and the way thing should be.

We all remember the bowing and all the apologizing, with the Obama apology tours being the worse. Now, we have our first inkling that our new president won’t be bowing to anyone. President-elect Trump officially greeted Japanese Prime Minister Abe, standing tall, making it known America is great again.

Barack Obama’s agenda from the start of his presidency was to grind American pride into the ground. While in France, a country we bailed out of two world wars, he said, “[T]here have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

We won’t bore you with every apology for America that Obama ever gave, but it’s known his failed foreign policy was to lead from behind. In fact, five years ago, Obama declared that “the tide of war is receding.” Since then, hundreds of thousands have died in the Middle East and millions more are homeless refugees.

You can’t lead from behind. It’s a ridiculous concept, and this idiotic policy caused America and the world much suffering. It starts with the attitude the president exudes, and Donald Trump won’t be taking kindly to anyone trying to embarrass America. In fact, foreign policy expert Edward Luttwak says, “[I]f Iran’s Revolutionary Guards try to humiliate Trump with naval provocations as they did with Obama, the U.S. Navy will sink a small boat or two.”


Trump has been in the White House a little over a week now, and look at all of the positive differences that are already starting to flourish?! It feels as if America is being lifted from a severe drought, and Trump is a nice tall glass of water.

Going from Barack Obama and his never ending “pussyfoot-ness” to Donald Trump and his conviction that America will reign once again as the world’s leader, Americans may really get tired of winning like he said. It’s absolutely scary how close we were to losing everything we hold dear, if Hillary Clinton was elected. Does it make you remember Abraham Lincoln’s who fear that a Civil War would end the United States:

“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.” — Abe Lincoln

We are once again proud to be Americans, we no longer have to bow or apologize to anyone. We are the last greatest hope for the earth, as Abraham Lincoln said.


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