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Trump Finds What Hillary Team Is Doing with Recount “Scam” and Shuts Her DOWN! [VIDEO]


As you probably know Hillary Clinton said Saturday that she’s going to join with Green Party candidate Jill Stein pushing for a recount in several states, specifically Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

It’s their contention that Trump’s margin of victory in those three states could be overturned in a recount. It’s Trump’s position, and I think it’s the right position, that this recount effort is nothing but a scam. Not only is Jill Stein perpetrating a scam but Hillary Clinton is involved in it up to her eyeballs.

The Clinton campaign specifically noted after Trump had been declared the winner by the Associated Press and Hillary had conceded that they found nothing wrong with the vote counts and wouldn’t challenge the election. Apparently, Jill Stein’s scam to raise money for the Green Party pushed Hillary over the edge, and she’s now supporting the recount.

As you might guess, Donald Trump had something to say about that.

This is exactly why Donald Trump got elected, and both John McCain and Mitt Romney got crushed. Donald Trump is a fighter; he surrounds himself with people who are willing to fight for what’s right. McCain and Romney never met a fight they wouldn’t run from. It wouldn’t be polite to fight.

The fact is, Hillary Clinton has to reverse the results in all three states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. If any one of them holds for Trump, he is still the President-elect. Trump won Pennsylvania by 70,000 votes, and Hillary isn’t going to find 70,000 votes sitting uncounted in the trunks of cars roaming around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

I just want to say “good job” to Donald Trump on his comments, and the comments of his team, about this stupid scam. I hope somebody – maybe the Federal Elections Commission – tracks every dollar the Jill Stein is raising and make sure that if the money isn’t put to use toward the recounts it gets returned to the donors and doesn’t go into Green Party coffers.


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