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Thugs Pepper Cop With Bullets, He Still Refuses To Release What’s In His Hand



An off-duty police officer stood in his front yard as he witnessed a gunfight break out among a gang of teens. As shots were fired, the officer was sprayed by a hail of bullets with no one around to help him. Somehow, he managed to find shelter at his neighbor’s house in his fragile state. What’s even more incredible that left people in shock, was what he was holding the entire time.

Racial tension has been allowed to fester under the Obama administration, and sadly, our police officers have become some of the most hated men and women in America. Criminals have targeted officers as a convenient scapegoat for their irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

What most people don’t understand is that just because their uniform comes off at the end of the day doesn’t mean their duty stops. In fact, for most of our brothers and sisters in blue, the most important part of their service is just beginning.


Angelo Romero, an officer in the department’s 15th District, and the 2-year-old were standing along Parrish Street near 10th around 4:45 p.m. when two or three teens come around the corner with guns.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the teens, who could be between 15 and 18 years old, began firing at each other.
Romero was struck by at least one bullet in the thumb, Ross said. Bullet fragments also peppered his legs and buttocks.

The officer, who was not armed, ran his son into a relative’s home and tried to take himself to the hospital, Ross said. The boy was not physically injured, though witnesses said his dad’s blood splattered on his face.

A highway officer on patrol nearby rushed to the scene and took Romero to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Ross said it appears Romero was caught in the crossfire and not the intended target.

“He was just so, so lucky. We are so glad that his 2-year-old was not struck and that he took immediate action to protect his son,” Ross stated.

“We’ve got these young guys out here with these guns, just wanting violence. It makes no sense,” he added.

Investigators searched lawns for evidence throughout the neighborhood, which is made up of single-family and duplex homes owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

As the BLM protestors continue to riot and loot over felons who took on the law and lost, innocent blacks like Romero and his little boy will go unnoticed. No protests or rallies will be held in their names, and you can all but guarantee that BLM activists will not denounce the armed teens who nearly killed them. Once again, our police performed a thankless yet life-saving service as many of the people they’re sworn to protect did nothing but spit in their faces.


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