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Your Tax Dollars At Work: School’s Offer Free Coddle/Counseling Session After Trump Win!



What a bunch of pansies. Administrators of the city’s top private and public schools have been scrambling in an effort to comfort the coddled kids of the Manhattan elite. Ever since Donald Trump’s stunning victory, liberal snowflakes have been randomly bursting into tears, and are suffering “depression”. This is a far cry from depression, the difference? Depression is a real problem and what these people are going through is a case of the “I didn’t get what I wants”. Pathetic.

Staffers made the effort to send out letters to reassure parents and kids that EMERGENCY counseling is available.One school even reminded them that “love will prevail.”

These measures are usually reserved for natural disasters or violent traumas, but, apparently, principals and deans found the notion of President Trump sufficiently catastrophic.

At Beacon Public School, students were so incredibly crushed that an entire block of time was sectioned off to help them “digest” the electoral results.

a section of the email sent to parents said: “With current events eliciting emotional responses among our students, The Beacon School faculty has decided to dedicate time and space for our community to process,”

The school allocated three periods to assist those in need — and offered the services of four counselors for those requiring additional reassurance.

At the Avenues: The World School in Chelsea, attended by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri, principal Hamilton Clark said teachers were urged to remain “calm” and “objective.”

His letter Wednesday also shepherded bewildered parents to a Huffington Post article titled “What Do We Tell the Children” in order to help them explain Tuesday’s results.

“Our students brought a great deal of emotion, anxiety and strong feelings into the building with them this morning that we made every effort to acknowledge and respect,” Clark said.

Emotions were also a mess at the Little Red School House in Greenwich Village, glitzy educator to the kids of such stars as supermodel Christy Turlington.

“This week’s election results have hit many of us hard,” read an email to parents. “So, let’s gather and talk about the kids’ feelings and our feelings. Regardless of who you voted for, we as a country have work to do.”

Hoping to ease the mass hysteria, the healing message asserted that “love will prevail.”

These people call themselves men and women? What a serious embarrassment to our nation, no wonder other countries are starting to look at us like easy targets.

This is the letter that was sent to parents of students at Avenues, the day after the election:



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