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There is Talk of California Seceding: Fingers Crossed [VIDEO]


California wants out. They’re not going to stay and be part of a nation led by Donald Trump. Trump’s victory on Tuesday pushed the lunatics over-the-top, could there be a Civil War?

It’s interesting that there’s a lot of money behind the campaign for California to secede from the United States. Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are willing to put up the money. I’m thinking that they probably haven’t thought this through very well. After all they are far left fruitcakes.


Yes, the last time states tried to secede from the union a Civil War claimed or 500,000 lives. The real question with respect to California is, will the rest of the nation care?

It’s true, California has the sixth largest economy in the world. But would losing California really be all that bad for America?

California has a very large population and it’s made up of two groups of people, citizens of the United States and an exploding population of illegal aliens. If Californians decide to secede from the union, to take their football and go home, there are a number of things that the rest of America can be thankful for.

With respect to former citizens of the United States, Americans would be off the hook with respect to their Social Security and Medicare payments. As for federal government retirement payments? Forget about it. And, we could shut down all federal facilities in California and fire all the federal employees.

A very large segment of California’s economy is related to the United States military. Any number of states would be pleased to host those military bases.

Then there’s California’s state employee retirement system. Depending on who you ask the state employee retirement system is up to $1 trillion in the hole. California leaving the union will take even the discussion of a bailout off the table.

California has more illegal aliens than any other state. The idea that California would leave America at a time when the federal government will be pushing to deport every illegal alien in America would make California a magnet for illegals. Just think of the savings for America, we wouldn’t have to pay to deport them, we could just buy them bus tickets to San Francisco.

Personally, I don’t see any downside to California forming their own country. If the discussion really gets serious I may move just over the border into California so I can vote yes on #CalExit.


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