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SURPRISED Deputies Discover Missing Toddlers Remains Encased in Concrete!


Washington state authorities have made a gruesome discovery. Police rarely have a pleasant job, they see disturbing things all the time, but this particular incident is incredibly disheartening.

An investigation of a 4-year-old girl’s parents is ongoing. Investigators suspect foul play, and what they suspect that these parents have done is disturbing.

The mother and stepfather of the young girl refused to inform authorities that the toddler was missing for at least four years after the girl’s remains were found.

In late October a hidden plastic cooler encased in concrete was unearthed, it’s assumed that after her murder she was encased in a cooler and concrete to hid the smell.

The couple has not been charged and Snohomish County deputies don’t know how the girl died, but in a search warrant affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, authorities allege her mother and stepfather kept her death a secret.

Police have not publicly identified the girl, her mother or her stepfather.

The little girl’s remains were discovered after relatives reached out to authorities in late October after growing concern over her disappearance, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit alleges the mother’s story to her family about the girl’s disappearance changed several times: At first, she allegedly said the girl died of medical causes. Then, she allegedly said the girl went to live with her grandmother. Finally, she allegedly said the girl died while taking a bath, and that the couple — who married after the girl died — panicked and hid her body instead of going to the police.


Before she went missing, the victim’s mother allegedly told relatives her daughter had autism, the affidavit states. Relatives remember seeing the little girl hitting herself in the head and wearing a helmet on several occasions, according to the affidavit.

During their interview with the officers, it was said that the relatives remembered a rancid odor in the couple’s apartment soon after the girl went missing.

When they mentioned the smell, the girl’s mother allegedly blamed the neighbors, who she said were into fishing.

In the affidavit, authorities speculated that the couple allegedly poured concrete to conceal the smell of the rotting body.

The affidavit stated that: “Pouring liquid cement into a container with a body would assist greatly with containing the odor— and conceal the body,”

One relative admitted that once, the girl’s mother asked her to help move the cooler, but when the relative put her hand on the lid, the mother slammed her foot on top of the cooler and told her not to open it.

These sick so called “parents” need to be locked up! They were more concerned for themselves than their daughter’s well-being. Even if they did nothing wrong, (why would they hide it if they didn’t do anything?) did they not think their little baby deserved a proper funeral?!


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