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SHOCK: Hillary’s Top Aide, Huma, Saved These SCANDALOUS Files In Folder Called ‘Life Insurance’


Talk about typical ‘Chicago-style’ politics. What would you do if you were involved with the mafia or a hitman and wanted to protect yourself? You might take out a little more life insurance right? Or if you are Huma Abedin, Clinton’s personal and closest aide, you might instead just hide your emails in a little folder called “life insurance”.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or maybe the hen has outsmarted the rooster. Check this out!


Here’s a few comments found on Twitter:

10,000 new emails found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s computer and phones. They were in a file marked “Life Insurance”.

So did Huma steal 10,000 emails and saved it on her comp just in case Clinton targeted her? Hence: “life insurance”

H/T I Have The Truth:

Anthony Weiner is becoming one more source of information that could prove harmful to Hillary Clinton in the final days of the 2016 Election.

Some reports say that there are more than just 10,000 emails on the laptop. As many as 650,000+ have been reported, which could mean that Abedin put this plan in place a long time ago.

WikiLeaks is promising Phase 3 of their reporting. Anonymous is said to be releasing a damaging video on November 5th.

Will Hillary stand up to this barrage and sprint towards Election Day?

It is hard to say, as new information continues to drop. Most recently, numerous unnamed NYPD sources have been leaking tidbits on social media outlets. As the NYPD continued their investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal with at least one underage girl, they found a folder on his laptop entitled “Life Insurance.” The file is said to have been located one month ago by the NYPD Special Victims Unit, who had a warrant in the Weiner case.

Holy Jackpot Batman!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes! First, Huma Abedin obviously is no stranger to Clinton’s scandals and “body list”. In case anything happened to her or her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, she created this little folder for someone to find. Second, FBI Director Comey HAD to take action, because with the NYPD investigation going on, they would have ratted him out. He had no choice! Third, I also think things must be getting a “little hairy”.


I find it interesting in the social media, that Huma Abedin, after several years of working closely with Hillary Clinton, as a close personal aide, is now being referred to as “just one of the aides” by Hillary.

Like I said early, Huma Abedin obviously KNOWS Hillary and Bill Clinton well. She also has a pretty good understanding, working with them over the years, what happens to those people who stand in the Clinton’s ways. It’s not at all surprising that Huma would have a folder entitled “life insurance”. Think of all the others…like Seth Rich, who would have wished they did too.



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