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Sheriff Clarke Close to Landing Major Role in Trump Admin [VIDEO]


If the rumors are right it looks like there’s going to be a Democrat in the Trump administration. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is an elected Democrat and rumor has it that he’s being considered for a cabinet level position in the Trump administration.

The New York Times is reporting that Clark is being considered For Secretary of Homeland Security.

That will be a very important position in Donald Trump’s administration because, if Clark is nominated and confirmed, the Secretary of Homeland Security will be the person in charge of building the wall on the southern border and making good on Donald Trump’s promises to deport illegal aliens.

Here is Sheriff Clarke in an interview shortly after his speech at the Republican convention.

Sheriff Clarke is been outspoken on a conservative law enforcement agenda and he’s minced no words with respect to the terrorist group #BlackLivesMatter. The sheriff would be an excellent addition to Donald Trump’s cabinet, and even though he’s a black Democrat you can bet the Democrats won’t have a good word to say about him.

In less than two weeks since his election Donald Trump has made some excellent pics for high-level officials in his administration and we consider Sheriff Clarke – should he get the nod – to be another excellent pick. Trump is interviewing all the right people.

The next four years are going to be a joy, having people who actually love America as high government officials.


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