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Secret Service Loses Thousands of Guns, Phones, Badges & Cars


The Secret Service under the Obama administration has been a wreck for years and it looks like they will be in just as much chaos as he leaves office.

Prostitution, drunk driving, and sloppy security have only been the hight points in the scandals that have plagued the department tasked with protecting the President.

Now, we find out that the Secret Service has loat TONS of guns and badges…phones and even whole CARS!!!!!

While some of the scandals begun under Clancy’s predecessors, the moron has been in charge now for years and nothing has changed. He did one time get the bright idea to create a full scale model of the White House…

But with the exception of a dog catching a fence jumper once, the ineptitude has just continued until the very end, as the Daily Caller reports:

Thousands of sensitive assets belonging to U.S. Secret Service agents, including firearms, computer laptops, work badges, telephones and even motor vehicles, have been lost during the past 15 years, according to documents obtained by nonprofit government watchdog Judicial Watch.

“This is supposedly an elite law enforcement agency — how did all this equipment get stolen?” or lost. “This is alarming. Every American should be alarmed about this,” Judicial Watch’s Irene Garcia told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Secret Service agents reported 11,780 lost or stolen assets between fiscal years 2001 and 2016, according to the data Judicial Watch received, although the agency didn’t distinguish between lost and stolen items.

A total of 121 “weapons/pistols” were lost or stolen from 2001 through 2016, including 69 in 2002 alone. The Secret Service also reported 736 cell phones, 571 badges and six vehicles as lost or stolen in that same period.

Now while you might expect this kind of incompetence from Barney Fife or the Keystone Cops, we do not expect thus from what should be the finest law enforcement department in the nation.

Before we go any further, to lighten things up, watch as The Flipside with Michael Loftus roasts Secret Service head Clancy and his bumbling leadership that has left the department in tatters:

I expect that within a few months, this abhorrent mess will be cleaned up. Maybe Clancy can find a job managing a mall security team somewhere … maybe?



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