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RIOTERS Hunt Down Trump Fan’s Car …Attack Him & Scream “Peaceful Protest”…Throw Bricks


Reports of drivers being maliciously attacked during the Portland anti-Trump rally are frightening. And this is just one of many accounts from a Twitter follower who’s shocked at the insanity of the rioters…

The crazed protestors then tracked down the Trump supporter at another light, continued to attack him all the while chucking bricks at the truck and screaming “peaceful protest.”

These freaks are just sore losers. I’d say this viral video below illustrates PERFECTLY how the sore loser liberals feel.

This perfectly describes the 2016 Election in 35 Seconds

If you are a Trump fan, this will be the most hilarious video you’ve ever seen.

If you are a Hillary fan, though, consider this your TRIGGER WARNING: you may not want to watch as it may trigger your depression further.


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