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Republican Spokesman BLOWS UP on CNN Reporter: “You’ve Asked Me Eight Times The Same Question!” (VIDEO)


Republican Committee Communications Director, Sean Spicer, had the opportunity to be interviewed on CNN over Donald Trump’s moves thus far as the president-elect.

However, host Wolf Blitzer tried his hardest to keep the main focus on pinning Trump for supporting neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. He just wouldn’t stop, it was like he kept asking the same question hoping for a different answer, an answer he never got.

Blitzer opened the discussion by rehashing Trump’s previous statement with New York Times. Trump told the times that he denounced racist groups: “It’s not a group I want to energize and if they are energized I want to look into it and find out why.”

Keep in mind that the RNC spokesman Sean Spicer graced CNN with his presence simply to discuss the Trump transition.

Instead, Blitzer decided it was more important to focus on something entirely different, like tying Trump to a “Neo-Nazi” movement that no one on the right has ever heard of. This negated the ENTIRE point of Spicer even appearing on the show. If he’d known he was just going to have to refute idiotic factless claims, Spicer might as well saved his time and stayed home!

The first time Spicer answered the question nicely, but, then… there was a second time, and round two was a little harsher than liberal snowflakes are used to. Maybe someone should have grabbed him a tissue? Commercial break anyone?

Blitzer just wouldn’t leave it alone…

In the end, Spicer got the upper hand, of course, after all, you can’t argue with logic. 200-3

These far left liberal nut-jobs are disgusting

Spicer exploded, “You’ve asked me eight times, the same question! I’ve told you what his position is. That’s not his focus! His focus is making this country better for all Americans, creating a better country, creating a better education system for all Americans, rebuilding our inner cities. That’s what his focus is. So I get that you guys all want to ask the same question over and over again and make him denounce it eight ways to Sunday, but it’s not what he wants to talk about!”


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