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REPORT: Hillary Became “Physically Violent” After She Lost the Election [VIDEO]


You’ve probably heard stories before about Hillary Clinton and, among other things, her violent temper. There are stories galore that go back to the Clinton’s time in Arkansas when Hillary routinely through lamps and other pieces of furniture at Bill, and in the White House the Secret Service reportedly had a drill that they practiced regularly if the First Lady ever tried to kill President Bill Clinton.

You’ll recall after it became apparent that Donald Trump had won the election, Hillary didn’t show up to speak to her faithful followers. Tradition has it that the losing candidate congratulate the winner and sank their followers for their hard work. That didn’t happen on November 8. Instead of Hillary showing up, John Podesta made an appearance and told everybody to go home, that several states were still too close to call, and it wasn’t going to be over that night.

At about the same time Podesta was making that speech Hillary was on the phone to Donald Trump conceding the election. We don’t know what she said Trump, and he was gracious enough to indicate that it was a pleasant phone call.

I suspect if it was a pleasant phone call, somebody else made the call. According to a CNN reporter who was on the scene, Hillary wasn’t in a pleasant mood. She was also drunk.


Actually, the reporter indicated she was in a “psychotic drunken rage” and her doctor sedated her.


I think it’s interesting that she was screaming and throwing things at Robbie Mook and John Podesta. Where was Bill? Somehow I suspect that Bill knew what was coming and was reclining in the comfort of a hotel suite with an intern. When he showed up at the press conference the next morning he didn’t have any bruises.

Apparently CNN did their best to bury the story.


In addition to Kincannon’s tweets, author Ed Klein had this to say.

There have been reports all during the campaign that Clinton staffers thought she was having a meltdown and that “screaming, childlike tantrums that have staff members in tears and unable to work” were a routine event.

I wonder when a Secret Service agent is going to write about this campaign, it’ll certainly be a bestseller. And, FBI director James Comey had better have his life insurance policies paid up.

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