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Reality Sets in on Obama When Trump… WATCH


Hillary Clinton has had a bad week, but nobody’s had a tougher week than Barack Obama. He got to sit and watch Tuesday night as any hope he had for a legacy was dashed on the rocks of reality.

Obama campaigned harder for Hillary than any sitting president has ever campaigned for his replacement and on Tuesday night voters in America told Obama that they never wanted to see him again. That’s got to leave a mark.

During the campaign Obama didn’t have a good word to say about Donald Trump, as a matter of fact here are just a couple of the things he did say.

And then, reality set in.

And if that’s not enough reality for you, here’s some more.

We are in for an interesting four years. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but I would like to note that Donald Trump has accomplished more in terms of job creation in the three days since his election than Barack Obama did eight years.

Both Mexico and Canada let Trump know that they were willing to renegotiate the terms of NAFTA, and the trade deal known as the Transpacific Partnership – Hillary Clinton’s brainchild – is dead.

That’s a good start.

Probably the biggest open question over the next four years is who’s going to be squirming the most, Hillary or Obama? All I know is I’m going to enjoy watching. Please pass the popcorn.


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