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PRICELESS! Watch Rioter Throw Epic Tantrum When she’s Arrested!


When a Ft. Lauderdale woman was arrested after tossing water on Trump supporters, she had an EPIC meltdown!

She proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs. Makes you wonder, how do these people handle everyday existence?

If you’ve ever had kids, you would know a toddler-like tantrum ANYWHERE. You know why? Because it’s so embarrassing/maddening when it happens, that you just want to hide under a rock and die when your kid puts on a show for all to see. Needless to say, I’m literally SHOCKED that a grown woman would draw this kind of negative attention to herself on purpose!

But, it would appear that anti-Trump protesters are having these temper tantrums all over the country! However, this Florida woman took it to the next level.

She was caught on video just before the arrest at a Ft. Lauderdale protest.

“I want an attorney! I want to be released! I have done nothing wrong,” she kept chanting, but, to her dismay, the police carried her into custody.

I’m assuming that she is whining for an attorney because she wants to be set free and believes she has done absolutely nothing wrong.raw

This little outburst blew up on social media, they found the entire scene utterly ridiculous.



Hey! Maybe there’s a safe Zone and a teddy bear awaiting her in the jail cell… when an idiot.

On a random side note, chalk this up to another hilarious short clip of good VS evil.

Trump Supporter “Superman flies” through the air and smacks straight into the anti-Trump protestor yelling something AWESOME during his flight!

P.s. is that a smile I see?


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