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Pedestrians Terrified When They Discover What Islamic Man’s Dragging Behind Truck


Pedestrians were confused as they discovered something out of the ordinary flinging around behind an Islamic man’s truck.

Upon a closer look, their confusion turned to horror by what the proud migrant was purposefully dragging from his tow bar.

Sadly for more civilized cultures, what happens in Islamic countries doesn’t stay in Islamic countries. In fact, the most barbaric cultural and religious practices have spread like a cancer to Western countries, no thanks to the mass Muslim migration encouraged by the refugee crisis.

Most non-Muslims are in agreeance that when in Rome, you do as the Romans do. Muslims are an entirely different breed, however, and they don’t play well with others, in fact, they ONLY follow Sharia law regardless of what country welcomes them.

As expected, this collision usually results in deadly consequences for those who fail to recognize Sharia as superior.

On Monday morning, bystanders helplessly watched as the vehicle sped over the pavement, towing the bleeding woman, who is also of Kurdish-Turkish decent, from the truck’s trailer hitch. Miraculously, the finger-thick rope came untied after she was dragged over 800 feet and pedestrians rushed to her aid. It was then that they discovered that the bleeding wasn’t from being dragged but because of deep knife wounds inflicted by her estranged lover.
“But we suspect that relationship problems were behind the crime,” said police spokesperson Jens Petersen. “It is still unclear whether the rope broke or whether it came loose from the tow-bar.”
The Local reports that the young woman was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment but had to be put into a medical coma. She currently remains in critical condition from multiple stab wounds.

Authorities are so hell-bent on covering up this Muslim’s identity that they have refused to give up any information involving the motive.

In fact, they didn’t even want to admit that the perpetrator and his victim have foreign backgrounds, and it wasn’t until later that they received German citizenship. Germany is the biggest duck in the puddle when it comes to the media hiding Islamic crimes committed in the name of Allah. However, they aren’t fooling anyone, all the signs point to an Islamic honor killing attempt.


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