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Pat Sajak SLAMS Hillary Using LOTS of Vowels!


It’s no surprise that most Hollywood types lean left toward the liberal side of things and are therefore Clinton supporters.  But a few Hollywood celebrities, like James Woods and Pat Sajak, definitely lean right and are clearly Donald Trump supporters. Both Woods and Sajak are also very active on social media.

Following one of the Clinton scandals, the one where Donna Brazile was caught feeding Hillary Clinton debate questions, Pat Sajak spread his usual humor on Twitter.  Check it out. It certainly gave me a laugh.


H/T Yes I’m Right:

Pat Sajak, longtime host of the “Wheel of Fortune” and can often be found on the right side of politics and on social media, especially on Twitter. The other day it seems Pat Sajak shared a little humor on Twitter related to the recent scandal involving Donna Brazile feeding questions to Hillary Clinton for one of the debates.

Donna Brazile just sent me the questions for tomorrow night’s Jeopardy! I’ll really impress my friends. Should be fun!

Pat Sajak is known for poking fun at the Clinton campaign.  Here’s another Tweet:

Whoever thought a presidential election might come down to one candidate’s tweets vs. another’s emails?

During the VP debate, where Tim Kaine did nothing but interrupt Mike Pence, Sajak stated this on Twitter: 

  Oct 4

I just want to say — wait a minute, Kaine has some something to say.

During the presidential debate where Hillary and all the moderators ganged up on Trump: 

Interesting debate format: 3 on 1.

On Donald Trump himself, here’s what Pat had to say:

Love him or loathe him, no one has ever created more interest in the political process than .

Overall, you have to love Pat Sajak’s humor. Sajak is a native Chicagoan. He graduated from Farragut High School and went to Columbia College. He even worked at the Palmer House hotel. But the best part I like, and probably where he gets his humor on the right side of things – Sajak served as a disc jockey in Vietnam for the Armed Forces Radio.

Like I said, I certainly have respect for Pat Sajak. Here’s one more tweet from Sajak that seems to say it all about “Hollywood types” when it comes to voting:

I don’t endorse candidates, and people who vote based on recommendation of “celebrities” should not be allowed to vote.

Amen! Pat Sajak! Rock on Conservative! I hope you will follow Pat Sajak on Twitter  Give him a shout from @realJFA and @bodybynance – he just turned 70! Wish him a happy belated birthday!

Sajak also writes for the “National Review Online”. He has also contributed to the center-right socio-political social networking website,

Like I said, it’s nice to see there are still a few friends on the right side of things in Hollywood like Pat Sajak!



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