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Obama Could Replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court If the GOP Does Not Act! [VIDEO]


Will Mitch McConnell give Barack Obama the ultimate Christmas present by adjourning the Senate and giving him the right to make a recess appointment Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court?

Here’s Judge Andrew Napolitano to explain the legality of a recess appointment.

Would McConnell be dumb enough to recess the Senate and give Obama the ability to turn the Supreme Court over to the likes of Barack Obama? Unless you been living in a cave for the past eight years you know he absolutely could be that dumb.

They probably think of Barack Obama as a man of goodwill, even though he’s repeatedly shown that he has no respect for the law, the Congress, or the Constitution. He would appoint Garland in a heartbeat and if he did that, Garland would sit on the Supreme Court until January 2019.

In two years you could likely kiss the Second Amendment a fond farewell and don’t be surprised if the then five liberals on the Supreme Court couldn’t find a way to either grant amnesty to illegal aliens or at least give them “the right” to vote. For starters.

Don’t think that could happen? Liberals on the Supreme Court managed to find enough “penumbras” to legalize abortion and no one has found a way to overturn that “right” in 35 years and 60 million dead babies.

America can’t survive as a free nation with Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.


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