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Obama Quietly SHUT Down Our Aerial Surveillance Of The Southern Border, Now We Learn SCARY Reason!


Obama is on his way out the doors of the White House, and it just feels as though he is going to take advantage of every step on his way out that he can…to further destroy America. His idea of what America should be is so far fetched left that one has to ask themselves…is he Satan?

The thought of him truly thinking the decisions he makes are for the good of America and her people, just seem so….deceiving.

For example, how do you explain this?

“Operation Phalanx” as it was called, authorized the allocation of 1,200 soldiers and airmen from the National Guard to assist Customs and Border Patrol along the U.S.-Mexico border. The program also used hi-tech UH-72 helicopters and other surveillance programs to target drugs and illegal aliens entering the country.

The program is officially terminated. When it was scaled back last February, lawmakers representing Americans on the border, from Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar or Laredo to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, were furious, is reporting.

They sent letters and requests to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security begging them to continue the program.

Last September, Abbott’s office requested additional aerial observation resources along the Mexican border, a point reiterated in Monday’s letter. “Given the recent surge of migrants from Central America and Cuba along the southern border, we believe DHS should request more surveillance and security resources, not fewer,” Cuellar and Abbott wrote.

But Obama never responded. Not a peep. No explanation, no justification. tried several times to get the Obama Administration to explain why they shut the program down. But again: crickets. They’re not talking.

Now, the program is dead. And as FrontPageMag is reporting, perhaps we know why: It worked too well.

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No response, no explanation nor any sort of justification. This is a scary thing folks. If ‘bad guys’ want to get into America, which way do you think they are going to come in?

They are going to come in at the weakest point. Which is our Southern border. We know that, and President Obama knows that. So what does logic say when he knows this fact and still chooses to take down further defenses that have shown to be working well for us?

We know not the true intentions of our leaders, nor what they do behind closed doors.

Pray for our country.

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